The ex Church of the “Eschio”

L'ex chiesa dell'Eschio
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This is situated outside the town and there are only some ruins left. The windows and the roof are completely destroyed. The rectangular temple had a single aisle with four columns, a truss roof and an altar.

The altar is situated in front of the apse, within which there is the empty trunk of a very old plant of eschio; upon it had been placed, originally, the tile with the painted image of the Madonna with Child, called Madonna of the Eschio. The altar, in polychrome stucco, that covers the whole height of the church, has got a finely worked ædicule. Above the altar, set among two columns, there is what was the tile’s frame, surmounted by two angels.


The legend narrates that the tile with the Sacred image of the Virgin Mary was found hanging from the trunk of the secular oak, situated at the feet of Mount Nero. Despite the fact that this Sacred image was transferred to the collegiate church of Saint John, the next day, it was prodigiously found again hanging from the tree. The prodigy, interpreted as the wish of the Virgo to have a chapel built on that spot, led to the building of a little sacellum within which the old and already withered tree was enclosed. Upon it the tile was definitely placed. Around this first nucleus the whole sacred building was erected, including a convent for the Fathers Carmelitani upstairs (XVIth century).