The ex templar Church of Sancta Maria ad Templum

I resti della chiesa di Sancta Maria ad Templum   Particolare dei resti della ex-chiesa della Commenda
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Of this church and of the monumental complex that surrounded it, only ruins remain today. It is a pity that such an important historical evidence has practically disappeared. There is evidence that in 1309, year of the beginning of the trial that will bring to the suppression of the order of the Templar knights, the summons were put to the church’s door.
In 1312 the church was given to the Hospital Order and then to the Order of the Knights of Malta; these ones put on it their coat of arms made of travertino marble.
A great fragment of a fresco dating from the half of the XVth century, which can probably be ascribed to the umbro-senese school, showing the Madonna sitting on the throne, the Holy Child and the Angel, was recovered in the church. It was detached in 1987 and it is now preserved in the Conference Room of the Civic Library.

Vecchia immagine della facciata della Chiesa

Stemma dei Cavalieri di Malta, già posto sulla facciata