The XVIII and XIX Centuries

The splendid moment enjoyed under the Farneses had brought Valentano to be inclusive in the Dukedom of Castro (1537) and, therefore, to become its capital when for the disputes between the Farneses and the Apostolic Chamber, Castro was completely destroyed (1649).
The events of the following centuries record the abandonment of the Fortress from the Farneses and its transformation in Monastery of Dominican Nuns.

Suor Geltrude Salandri
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Valentano is present in the Castrense Association in 1848 and therefore in the League of the Communes of Castro opposed the temporal power of the popes and wishing, in the spirit of that time (the Risorgimento), the union of the separated small kingdoms of Italy.
Center of a garrison of Pontifical Zouaves, the country recorded the arrival and the clashes with the Garibaldi troops in 1867. During the year 1870 while the taking in Rome was celebrated, the Zouaves set on fire, in the principal plaza of the country, almost all the papers of the historical file of the Commune of which precious and irreplaceable testimonies remain, however together with the administrative papers of the destroyed city of Castro.

La Scala Santa La Scala Santa
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