The Church of the Annunziata in Villa Fontane

The façade of the Chiesa of the Annunziata a Villa Fontane
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The Church, built in 1927, was dedicated to the Madonna of the Annunciation and, later on, to Saint Agapito. This happened in 1930 when the rural parish of Bisenzio joined the Annunziata and the Saint’s relics, as well as an altar-piece were moved there.

Polychrome stained glass windows created by Mario and Chiara Balestra Stained Glass Window: The Crucifix

The parish church of the little suburb has been recently enriched with the sculptures by Mario Vinci and the polychrome stained glass windows created by the artists Mario and Chiara Balestra.

The Holy Family 

In addition to the original painting of the Annunziata, painted by Sister Imelda (1933), in the Church it is also preserved, as already said, the eighteenth century altar-piece with Saint Agapito and a remarkable seventeenth century maiolica with a Madonna with a Child, recovered in the Piazzetta (little square) of Villa Fontane.

Maiolica seicentesca con Madonna e Bambino Painting with the representation of the Annunziata in the Church of Villa Fontane